Our Technical Team



 The SUED programme team has deep understanding of the political and economic dynamics across Kenya. They have practical experience in the urban development sector and understand how to build viable business plans that attract investor confidence 

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Meet The Team


Duncan Onyango, Team Leader

Duncan has more than 20 years of senior management experience  in leading large-scale investment, small and medium sized enterprise (SME) support and infrastructure projects across Kenya.

Monicah Motshegwe.jpg

Monicah Motshegwe, Deputy Team Leader

Monicah has 20 years of programme management experience in the public and development sectors. She brings to SUED an in-depth expertise in successful programme management


Jeremiah Nyambane, Institutional Strengthening Lead

Jeremiah has more than 12 years demonstrable experience in working with both public and private sector institutions. He brings to SUED a wide berth of knowledge and expertise on devolution in Kenya and stakeholder management. 


Liz Muange, Investment and Value Chain Lead

Liz has over 10 years experience in entrepreneurship development, investment and trade facilitation as well as financial advisory services. She brings to SUED experiential knowledge on facilitating investments in local entities helping them to access new markets.


Elizabeth Waithanji, Gender and Social Inclusion Advisor

Dr. Waithanji has more that 13 years experience as a gender specialist. She brings to SUED expert skills in gender planning for research and development. She has demonstrable experience in programme gender analysis. She has developed gender mainstreaming strategies and integration protocols in the region helping organisations to strengthen their gender and social inclusion approaches 

Linda Onzere.jpg

Linda Onzere, Contracts and Compliance Manager

Linda has more than 10 years professional experience in procurement and contract management in Kenya and East Africa.  She brings to SUED in-depth understanding of the application of Kenya’s public procurement legislation. Linda has particular expertise in performance driven contract management and supervision.

Hanningtone Isiaho.JPG

Hanningtone Isiaho, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Hanningtone  is an M&E specialist with over 10 years’ professional experience. He brings to SUED in depth understanding of Market Systems approaches and application of the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) principles of results-based measurement. He has delivered M&E on initiatives funded by multiple donors and contributed to wider lesson learning and knowledge sharing.

Louisa Ssennyonga_edited.jpg

Louisa Ssennyonga, Communications, Knowledge Management and Learning Manager

Louisa is a communications and learning specialist with more than 10 years’ experience in programme management. Her substantial experience in communications, knowledge management, learning and advocacy has played a key role in her ability to forge strong partnerships with key government actors and agencies to increase trust levels between communities and  the government.