Supporting Municipalities to Develop Sustainable Urban Economic Plans that Attract Investment for Climate Resilient Infrastructure and Value Chain Projects  

Programme Offerings

Urban Economic Planning

SUED is working with local institutional authorities at the county and municipal level to design and implement urban economic development plans. 

The urban economic plans integrate market based approaches into the counties integrated plans emphasising the potential of value chain development. With SUED’s support municipalities will learn how to assimilate regional economic corridor development initiatives into County urban economic planning. 


As a result, the plans will support economic corridor planning, agro-clustering, industrial park development, special economic zones and technopole development. The plans will be tailor made for each municipality and will be responsive to the needs of the local population.

The programme has completed the development of the UEPs for Isiolo, Iten, Kathwana,Kisii,Kitui, and Malindi.

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Investment Climate Advisers

SUED will provide technical assistance to municipalities to help them map out the national and county level legal and regulatory environments constraining private-sector urban growth.


SUED will avail to the municipalities analytical tools to assess county level investor readiness as way of helping municipalities identify areas that they need to support to stimulate further demand- driven investment climate reform.

Investment Attraction


The programme will provide technical assistance to 

support municipalities to develop and implement investment promotion strategies that draw in investment including public private partnerships (PPPs).


The investment will fund commercially bankable climate resilient infrastructure and value chains that will be identified in specific municipal urban economic plans.

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Capacity Building Specialists

With SUED’s support, municipal staff will receive technical assistance to enhance their capacity for planning, investment, value chain and municipal management.


As a result, they will be able to sustain SUED’s programmatic efforts. This will enable the municipality to better manage their climate resilient infrastructure and promote investment in resulting in efficient and equitable development.

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Image by Micheile Henderson
Image by Micheile Henderson

Seed Funding

The programme has set aside up to 50% of its total funding to de-risk investments that are commercially robust and strategically targeted to incentivise the public and private sector to partner with supported municipalities to help them achieve their urban economic goals

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Cross- Cutting Themes

SUED's work with municipalities is geared towards gender and social inclusivity through enterprise development activities that will enhance employability of marginalised populations. The programme will additionally ensure that it encourages economic development that is resileint to climate change.