Our People



SUED is comprised of team members who are geared towards being catalyst of transformational change in the municipalities the programme supports.


They believe that investing in the development of competitive, dynamic and value adding enterprises and infrastructure will help unlock the economic potential of supported municipalities and have meaningful impact.

The team brings together compounded years of experience and deep understanding of the political and economic dynamics across Kenya. The practical experience they have in the urban economic development sector will complement the technical expertise in supported municipalities and help create viable economic plans that attract investor confidence resulting in emerging green growth hubs.  


Meet The Team

Monicah Motshegwe_edited_edited.jpg

Monicah Motshegwe
Acting Team Leader and 
Deputy Team Leader

As the Deputy Team Leader, Monicah’s programmatic, financial and operational management experience in donor-funded programmes has ensured SUED’s processes and systems are aligned to FCDO's requirements and are responsive to the programme’s beneficiaries.

Her varied skills in donor funded programmatic finance and operations has helped SUED to become more effective in its programme delivery 

Jeremiah Nyambane.jpg

Jeremiah Nyambane 
Institutional Strengthening Lead

Jeremiah’s intrinsic knowledge of how the Kenyan public sector works has ensured that SUED’s institutional strengthening is hinged on sound political economy analysis.

With his expertise the programme has been able to work within the devolved governance structure effectively. He has helped SUED strengthen its stakeholder management strategies ensuring that the programme’s support to the municipalities is responsive to their needs. 

Liz Muange.jpg

Liz Muange

Investment and Value Chain Lead

As the programmes Investment and Value Chain lead, Liz has helped align the programme’s strategies on sustainable investment.

With her expertise the programme is designing its seed fund to ensure that it catalyses investments in the municipalities. Her work towards leading the programmes investment initiatives has helped the programme identify private and public sector actors to synergise SUED’s activities to increase its programmatic reach.

Louisa Ssennyonga
Communications, Knowledge Management and Learning Manager 

Louisa Ssennyonga.jpg

Louisa is leading the curation of SUED's lessons through various communication and knowledge products. In doing so, the programme will share its best practices and lessons learned to advocate for the replication of its successes.


Her substantial experience in communications and advocacy has helped the programme develop a responsive engagement strategy with its stakeholders. This has helped generate and sustain interest in SUED within its key audiences. 

Prof. Alfred Omenya.jpg

Prof. Alfred Omenya 
Senior Urban Economic Development Advisor

As the technical lead tasked with managing the development of urban economic planning, Alfred’s urban economic planning expertise is ensuring that the plans are consultative and capture the ambition of the municipalities we work in. 


SUED is benefitting from Alfred’s expertise in the Kenyan urban sector due to his vast experiential knowledge on urban development and planning as well as legislation of progressive urban reforms.


Dr. Liz Waithanji
Gender and Social Inclusion

As a gender specialist, Liz has helped the programme develop a robust gender and social inclusion framework that ensures its activities are inclusive. SUED benefits from her capability to develop responsive gender mainstreaming strategies and integration protocols. 


She has ensured that as the programme identifies value chain and climate resilient infrastructure projects gender and social inclusion considerations are embedded in their design and subsequent development.