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Below we highlight short profiles of the investment deals that have been signed to date, many more are in the pipeline and will be signed soon

Image by Jonathan Kabugo

Kisii Municipality -Investment Size: £2.57m~ (Ksh434m)

Avocado Oil Processing Plant


Avofresh Processors Limited has been supported by SUED to set up a 70-tonne avocado extraction facility project in Kisii Municipality. The avocado oil is mainly for the export market. 

Image by Mel Elías


Municipality Investment Size: £2.239m ~(Ksh428m)

Avocado Pack House


The Fresh Products Limited has been supported by SUED to establish an avocado pack house in Eldoret Municipality. The pack house will export more than 6,000 metric tonnes of avocado annually.  

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Municipality Investment Size: £1.04m~ (Ksh156m)

Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) Project

SUED has assisted Isiolo Municipality to secure over £1m (Ksh 156m) for a Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) project, which will improve the capacity of its drainage system, enhancing the municipality’s climate resilience, and safeguarding livelihoods.

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar

Iten  Municipality Investment Size:£15,496m~ (Ksh2.77b)

 Irish and Sweet Potatoes Processing Plant

SUED has supported Select Fresh Produce Kenya to establish a 60,000 tonne Irish and sweet potato processing project in Iten Muncipality 

Image by Marc Mueller


Municipality Investment Size: £1.950m~ (Ksh371m)

Integrated Tomato Processing Facility

SUED has supported Wakiba Investments Limited to establish an integrated tomato processing facility in Kerugoya-Kutus Municipality in Kirinyaga County.

Image by Maja Vujic


Municipality Investment Size: £2.263m~ (Ksh431m)

Cashew Nut Processing Plant


ENP Foods International Limited (ENP) has been supported by SUED to establish a new cashew nut processing factory in Lamu Municipality with a focus on producing Raw Cashew Nuts and Roasted/Salted Kernels

Image by Prince Abid

Malindi    Municipality Investment Size: £1.25m~ (Ksh215m)

Chilli Processing Plant

SUED has supported Equator Kenya Limited (EKL). The project seeks to integrate more climate-smart technology at the chili processing facility, and to expand its network of farmers.

Image by Kaysha


Municipality  Investment Size: £1.95m~ (Ksh339m)

Fruit Drying Facility 

SUED is supporting Milly Fruits Processing Ltd (Milly Fruits), in collaboration with Malindi municipality and Kilifi County, to develop a 1,450 square metres climate-friendly fruit drying facility that will produce mangoes, pineapples and coconuts primarily for export to clients in Europe and the Middle- East

Image by Patrick Federi


Municipality Investment Size: £8.27m~ (Ksh1.43b)

Sanitation Value Chain Enhancement Project 

SUED supported Malindi Water and Sewerage Company (MAWASCO) to access funding for a faecal sludge treatment plant  and a waste to value facility from various funders including World Bank.

Image by Possessed Photography

Kisii    Municipality Investment Size: £1.074m~ (Ksh178.5m)

Integrated Waste Management Project

SUEDis supporting Green Leaf Services Limited (GLS) to set up an integrated waste management facility in Kisii Municipality, Kisii County. The Facility will have a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to separate organic and inorganic waste and a Black Solder Fly (BSF) Facility to utilise organic waste.



Municipality  Investment Size: £2.44m~ (Ksh406m)

Small Hydropower Project

SUED is supporting Hydrobox Kenya to set up a small hydropower project with the capacity to produce 703KW in Kirinyaga County. The project will be located along River Thiba to take advantage of the County’s permanent rivers to generate electricity.



Municipality Investment Size: £2.58m~ (Ksh428.8m)

Cotton Ginning and Oil Extraction Plant Project 

SUED is supporting Thika Cotton Mills (TCM) to establish a new cotton ginning and oil extraction plant in Lamu Municipality.  The plant will catalyse cotton farming in the municipality increasing cotton production in the municipality by 3 fold.

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